Vision and Business

There are two kinds of vision.  One has to do with the physical act of seeing the world around you.  That is what most people think of when they discuss sight, seeing and vision in that context.  The other kind of vision is more abstract.  You have probably met people that have this particular kind of vision.  They see things that other people don’t see.  Mostly, this has to do with opportunities or challenges that no one else has thought of or has found a solution for.

This kind of vision cannot be corrected with eye wear, or surgically.  It is not learned or acquired.  You are either born with it or not.  That doesn’t mean that everyone can’t be visionaries.  It is just that the nature of vision is that it springs from within, from deep innate passions and a drive that cannot be controlled or explained away.

If you have vision, you know who you are.  You are located out of the norm on one side of the bell curve that defines human behavior.  The opposite side of that curve is occupied by the people that don’t fit into society.  You do.  It is just that you have the capability of changing the world, whereas your counterparts just don’t fit in and are regarded, fairly or not, as outcasts.

You fit in, just not in the way others do.  You use the institutions and conventions that are at hand to achieve your objectives, realizing your vision within the existing structures.  Richard Branson is a visionary.  Steve Jobs was a visionary.  You can even say that the Founding Fathers were visionaries for their time.  In order for you to change the future, you have to be able to see it first.  We have seen locally visionaries when it comes to internet marketing.  What they are working on is certainly visionary for the current world.

There is nothing wrong with being a visionary.  You just need to realize that most people can’t see what you do.  Can’t wrap their brain around your concepts and envision how things will be better/different than they were before.  Nothing wrong with that, of course.  Just know that you are not alone and that people like you, will be the ones to eventually change the world.  (Not always for the better, unfortunately.)


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